Microsoft Unveils Windows Live Beta


In the ever-rolling competition between the big three portals, Microsoft has launched several beta version elements of their new Windows Live service. The big one, Windows Live Search, is a full-blown search engine complete with web, news, and image searches. There’s also a local search integrated with Microsoft’s Virtual Earth mapping service, and an RSS search that will find both news/blog feeds and podcasts, which users can add to their home page.

Live Search also includes related MSN adCenter ads next to web search results, and some fancy interactive functions like a search preview, a slider bar that lets you choose how much search information to display on a page, and a dynamic scroll bar that lets users scroll through all the relevant search results without needing to load another page. The new Live Search is completely integrated with the newly re-designed

“We’re unveiling a range of innovations that deliver an outstanding level of power and simplicity to search,” said VP of Windows Live Search Christopher Payne at the O’Reilly Emerging Technologies Conference yesterday, adding, “…the new search service offers customers the next generation of unified services today.”


  1. I’ve been using since it’s launch and the new changes are great. I am now removing my customized google startup page since the msn search results seem to have improved and is easier to navigate. Nice job Microsoft!


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