Microsoft Office Ads Go Live


Today, Microsoft began testing their ad system on Microsoft Office Live, Windows Live Mail, and MSN Spaces. Twenty global marketers and advertisers are participating in the tests including Coca-Cola Brazil, JC Penney, and Monster Worldwide. Microsoft hopes the testing it’s doing now will help open the door for full advertiser access to Microsoft’s vast online user base. Microsoft said that advertising revenue will power itsfree and low-cost web hosting, email, and other web services.

“Advertising is a very important business model for Microsoft worldwide because an increasing number of advertisers are becoming more global… With ad-supported software opportunities, we’re able to offer great services at low or no cost for our consumers and a vast ecosystem for advertisers,” said Microsoft’s global sales VP Joanne Bradford in a statement.

Microsoft is testing multiple ad formats to determine the best possible ROI, balanced with the best possible customer experience. While Office Live ads are being tested in the U.S., MSN Spaces ads are being tested in Australia and Italy. Ads in Windows Live Mail, one of Microsoft’s most established online services, are being tested in several global markets including the U.S., Canada, China, Australia, Brazil, and Europe.


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