What they do: Lycos is one of the largest general interest portals on the web, providing quick access to news, entertainment, multimedia, shopping, yellow pages, weather, e-mail, blogs, job finding, and a comprehensive search engine.’s many affiliate sites offer users the latest in technology/media news through, advanced music file sharing through Rhapsody, interactive gaming through, and several free and premium web publishing tools like Angelfire and Tripod. Based in Waltham, Massachusetts, Lycos is a wholly owned subsidiary of Daum Communications Corp., a Korean web portal company.

Why you should buy: Lycos caters to a wide variety of demographics, from professionals looking up stock quotes, to families sharing pictures and blogs, to young people playing games and downloading music. By advertising on this popular portal, you will be presenting your message to a high volume of traffic which consistently relies on the site for many different web activities.

Format/How Much: Lycos offers a great variety of advertising options which enable you to customize your targeting strategy.

Lycos Co-Registration, powered by GetRelevant, allows you to pay only when a customer takes action on your offer. When consumers visit a popular membership-based website and click to register, they are served a special offers page that displays your message and gives them the opportunity to opt-in. These consumers can be easily presented with additional marketing messages, and targeted for long-lasting profitable relationships.

Lycos InSite AdBuyer offers an auction-based pay per click system of generating qualified leads from keyword-targeted ads. You can actively manage your own campaign, controlling price and budget, adjusting creative as frequently as you wish, and taking advantage of Lycos’ keyword suggestion tool. Bidding starts as low as $0.05 cost-per-click.

24/7 Real Media handles all of Lycos rich media and standard banner ads, which include but are not limited to the following formats:

728 x 90…………….leaderboard

300 x 250………………

120 x 200…………………box

160 x 600……………..wide skyscraper


For Performance-Based Advertising:

Ted McNulty
(781) 370-2716

For Banner, Rich Media, and Display Advertising:

Ari Bluman – 24/7 RealMedia
(212) 231-7115

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