LookSmart AdCenter Updates API


At the Search Engine Strategies conference yesterday, vertical search company LookSmart announced the release of an updated version of their AdCenter API. The new API will let 3rd party marketing and reporting software access the internal guts of LookSmart’s search network, simplifying the purchase and management of campaigns on the LookSmatr AdCenter network. “What we’ve tried to do in this release of the API is integrate some reporting and other workflow elements to it that we think will make it easier for agencies and large advertisers to use,” says LookSmart president and CEO David Hills. LookSmart says they have signed up several PPC and analytics companies to exercise the new API.

“As we start to come back on to advertisers and agencies radar screens, and they start to spend money with us, they want to spend more with us, and we have to make it easy for them to spend. And by providing them with what we believe is state-of-the-art API arrangement that’s easy for them to hook into anything else that they do, we think that we’ll encourage spending because they’re feeling good about what they’re getting from us now anyway,” continues Hills.

Technology partners using the new API include APEX Pacific, ClickTracks, and Omniture. LookSmart hopes the API will increase their ad exposure, making their network available to a greater number of ad services, and says that it will help level the playing field for small and medium-sized advertisers, who won’t have to spend as much money on software development for their campaign management needs


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