Lincoln Mercury Drives Brands Home with New Online Videos


In order to promote the new Mercury Milan and Lincoln Zephyr automobiles, Ford Motor Company division Lincoln Mercury has decided to continue its online film project with the premier of two new intertwined series. The first of these brand-rich episodes launch today.

One series, Lovely By Surprise, promotes the Lincoln Zephyr. The story follows the adventures of fictional novelist Marian Walker as she attempts to write her novel and seeks advice from her former professor, a man who has less-than-honorable intentions. The other series, The Neverything, promotes the Mercury Milan and follows the story being written by Marian Walker. The Neverything strange adventures of Humkin and Mopekey, two brothers who live on a boat in the middle of a waterless desert. Their only clothes are underwear, and their only food is cereal and milk.

“ and are each designed for a distinct audience that shares an important element with the other: a mindset that looks to the Web as a place to work, shop, and play,” said Lincoln Mercury digital marketing manager Scott Kelly in a statement. “We think people will be intrigued by the characters in the stories, and return every week to learn more — ideally clicking through to learn more about our great new Lincoln and Mercury products.”

Both series are directed by Kirt Gunn, who also did Lincoln Mercury’s last online film series, Meet The Lucky Ones. Lovely By Surprise and The Neverything will last five weeks. Both web sites contain sweepstakes drawings to win the corresponding vehicle, as well as a link back to the manufacturer’s home page (Lincoln or Mercury).


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