Johnson & Johnson Assists Young Nurses with Interactive Advergaming Tutorial


Lest we forget, interactive campaigns back in the day weren’t Klipmart/Pointroll video ads, viral send-to-a-friends or even banners. The CD-ROM (remember those?) was one of the major tools that represented electronic press kits and branding efforts for advertisers.

Call it old-school nostalgia, but Johnson & Johnson this week is parlaying the feedback from its Campaign for Nursing’s Future website into a CD-ROM training kit of sorts for potential nurse managers. Part workshop, part recruitment ad, J&J’s new Virtual Nurse Manager disc offers instructional software that offers nurse managers training in real management situations, including everything from conflict resolution and customer satisfaction to staff management. The training program – developed with and featuring real nurse managers – is being distributed to health care facilities nationwide.

But being the iconic brand that they are, the folks at J&J aren’t just handing over a drab tutorial to help these nurses advance to the next level. The company’s outsourced New York advergaming pros Brand Games to concoct — you guessed it — a nursing game that would create a more entertaining interactive environment within the context of a CD-ROM. “The nurses need help when they are asked to move ahead from nurse to nurse manager,” Brand Games’ EVP of Marketing Jim Wexler explains to ADOTAS. “They don’t have the proper orientation, and it’s really scary for them. So J&J picked up the ball and ran with it to help nurses with this transition. By using an interactive learning, simulation format, it would be a more helpful way to equip nurses to do what they do.”

Brand Games worked hands-on with nurse managers across the US to help them finalize what nurses needed to know in their managerial post. According to Wexler, this strategy helped his agency create an experience faithful to real-life hospital happenings. “It’s a scenario-based simulation, where you experience something you might experience on the ER on your first night as nurse manager,” he says. Virtual Nurse Manager features six different scenarios which challenge nurse managers to learn everything from time management to conflict resolution and dealing with staffing shortages. Each scenario is supplemented with video of real-life nurse managers sharing guidance on how to handle each situation.

According to J&J, the opportunity with the CD-ROM release is that by offering it on disk, nurses can train and learn on the job, instead of returning to the classroom. Each educational CD-ROM can be used by multiple nurses who can save their test scores for future use. “Our hope is that nurses, their patients and hospitals will benefit from the efficiency of such a tool and the practical instruction offered,” said Andrea Higham, Johnson & Johnson Campaign for Nursing’s Future, in a statement.

Wexler adds that with the interactive-savvy generation of new nurses, aged 25 and up, a promotion like this was necessary. “This generation is not oriented to passive learning tools. So we created nurse manager simulation orientation that equips these nurses to make that transition.”

Visit for more info. No stethoscope required.


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