IQ Interactive Promotes Impending Doom


IQ Interactive has produced a new microsite for The Weather Channel’s “It Could Happen Tomorrow” television program. The show uses natural disaster modeling and details possible disasters from the eruption of Mt. Rainier, to an 8.0 earthquake in San Francisco, to a category 3 hurricane in New York City. The Flash-enabled site features an interactive map of the U.S. marked with the locations of each disaster. For past episodes, each location marker links to related disaster information, animation and video clips. Future episodes display the impending air date.

The Weather Channel (TWC) has been promoting the microsite through preview video clips and through their website. According to TWC, the site received more than 1 million impressions in the first two weeks. “Our goal was to recreate the atmosphere and tone of the show, and do it in an interesting and engaging way,” said Tony Quin, president and CEO of IQ Interactive.

“We also supported the site by promoting it extensively on-air, online, and in other advertising, which drove an incredible amount of sampling,” continued TWC director of consumer marketing Paul Greenberg.

TWC has worked with IQ in the past to promote their weather update show “Weekend View” in October 2005.


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