Google Steps Up Site Demographic Targeting Tool


Google has reportedly enhanced its AdWords demographic siteselection tool. Gokul Rajaram, Director of Project Management forGoogle Adsense, tells Adotas, “Potentially, it is the ability for advertisers to specify demographics and then select sites within a continental that meets those demographics. It’s basically an extension of site targeting feature; it’s been on the road map for a while.”

According to the AdWords help center, “Demographic site selection is a way to find and run your ads on sites with the right audience for your AdWords campaigns…With the AdWords site tool, you can pick your preferences in up to three different demographic categories. The system will analyze your preferences and create a list of available Google Network sites that are popular with that audience. If you select multiple demographics, the AdWords system will look for sites that match all of your preferences.”

comScore Media Metrix provides the demographic website data for AdWords, and currently AdWords demographic information is only available on users from the United States.

Whilesourcesare speculating that Google has stepped up its demographic targeting tool in response to MSN’s adCenter demographic tool, Rajaram denies these rumors saying, “It’s really not in response to any other industry offering.”


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