Google AdWords Unveils Two New Image Sizes

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Yesterday Google’s AdWords team announced they had been testing two new image ad formats. The first, a large 2560 x 1920 image is designed for advertisers who want to appear “larger than life,” according to AdWords Developer Arnold Ferguson. “Advertisers have been bugging us since November for a large-format image ad that can showcase photo quality 5-megapixel images. It’s a little bit larger than your standard banner ad, but I think if it makes advertisers happy, it will make our publishers happy as well.”

As part of the test, Google has been serving 2560 x 1920 ads on sites like for online digital camera retailers wishing to advertise unreduced megapixel-sized images.

The second format, a 1 x 1 pixel ad can be purchased in blocks of ten by keyword. “We’ve actually been working very closely with pixel ad inventor Alex Tew on this one,” said Ferguson. “After seeing all the aimless pixel ad sites out there, we knew we needed an original approach. Unlike all the copycat pixel ad sites, integration with our keyword bidding system will us serve pixel ads contextually on nearly any site in the AdSense publisher network.”

In order to supplement their six-billion dollar annual revenue stream, Google also plans to publish a pixel advertising site of their own in mid-April, and has registered the domain to display AdWords pixel ads. Google AdWords expects the new sizes to be available to all AdWords users in the next few weeks.