Genieknows Upgrades Search Engine


IT Interactive Services’s search engine, has upgraded its PPC search engine to version 3.0, bringing with it a complete back-end redesign for PPC marketers. The Genieknows PPC service is nearing its 3rd anniversary, so they have experience listening to their clients. After listening to feedback from advertisers and agencies, they have given search marketers the ability to set up and manage multiple campaigns from a single account and switch between them with a few mouse clicks. No more multiple logins and passwords.

“Agencies are very sure about what they want, and one of the main requests coming from agencies was the fact that they needed to handle, obviously, multiple accounts from multiple clients from one master account so… at least one aspect of the re-design was centered around that,” said VP of strategic relations Mark Harper, “…agencies now have the ability to log in and manage… several hundred accounts from one master account.”

They’ve also added a keyword popularity tool, keyword batch-editing, time-of-day management, and upgraded their auto-keyword-bidding tool to bid down as well as up. “Advertisers can enable their account for example, Monday through Friday between 9 and 5 Eastern… the core hours between 6 and 10 eastern,” said Harper, who continued, “…We have an auto-genie account tool, which is actually an old tool, but it’s been re-vamped to be more intuitive, and actually bids up as well as bidding down. Many of our competitors in the PPC world just bid up, and that leaves a big price gap for advertisers, which doesn’t necessarily please advertisers.”


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