Fandango, Cingular Seal Ticket Deal


ADOTAS has learned that just less than two weeks after Fandango announced a partnership with Sprint Nextel Corp. to sell movie tickets via mobile phones, the movie ticket provider is announcing today that it will further expand its sales via cell phones by adding Cingular to its list of cell phone partners.

Until its deal with Sprint, users could purchase tickets through Fandango solely through the Internet. Cingular subscribers can access Fandango from their mobile phones at or can dial *V and use voice commands to get ticketing and show time information. The service is free except for the small service charge for each ticket.

Harry Medved, spokesman for Fandango, told ADOTAS that Fandango is “aggressively seeking all platforms” to sell movie tickets and that there is a “huge cross over audience of average moviegoers and enthusiastic mobile users and more and more people are finding about movies not only through the web but through their cell phones.” Consumers want to know as soon as movie tickets go on sale, and Fandango’s agreement with Cingular is just another way to bring this information to Fandango users. Users will be charged for the cellular service by Fandango instead of the charge appearing on their cell phone bills.

Fandango, which garners the most traffic among movie ticket sites on the web, has deals in the works with several other mobile carriers to sell movie tickets.


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