eMarketer Predicts Big Things for Mobile TV


Internet research firm eMarketer has released a new report today, Mobile Television for Marketers: Monetizing the Smallest Screen, which forecasts that there will be more than 100 million worldwide users of paid or sponsored mobile broadcast video services by the end of 2009. The report was based on various global trials, carrier and content provider announcements as well as market surveys.

John du Pre Gauntt, eMarketer Senior Analyst and author of the report, said in a statement, “What will be crucial to marketers is trying to determine whether mobile TV represents a sub-market or the next huge mass market for mobile services. Right now, they’re poring over demographics, income and spending patterns of early and near-term adopters.” He also commented, “Marketers shouldn’t believe for a minute that either the mobile carriers or the content providers have cracked the business model, let alone the digital rights issues that will be crucial to migrate mobile TV from one market stage to the next.”

Mobile TV started being noticed by marketers, carriers, and content providers in 2005, and the two most important points for Mobile TV going forward are growth in smartphones and the growth of advanced 3G networks.


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