Claria Leaves Adware Business Behind


Behaviorial marketing/web personalization outfit Claria announced today it is planning to sell all of its assets related to adware. The Redwood City, CA-based company will instead focus on PersonalWeb—the software solution they are describing as the next-generation in web personalization technology. This April, Claria plans to release a beta version of PersonalWeb as well as unveil major partnerships involved in the project.

“We are delighted by both partner and market acceptance of our new personalization technologies,” said Scott VanDeVelde, President and Chief Executive Officer of Claria Corporation in a press statement. “This is an exciting time for Claria as we finalize plans for the beta launch of PersonalWeb and the upcoming announcement of key partnerships.”

Earlier, this year, Claria made public its transactions with Deutsche Bank Securities, Inc., who is helping sell the company’s adware property. While there are reportedly several interested buyers, Claria is waiting to find a purchaser that will adhere to emerging industry standards outlined by TRUSTe and other industry coalitions.


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