BBC Set to Launch Global, Ad-Funded Website


The commercial arm of the BBC is gearing up to launch an advertising-funded website next year in an attempt to capitalize on the popularity of the corporation’s services overseas, including BBC America.

According to NewMediaAge UK, the proposed site forms part of an ongoing BBC Worldwide initiative to find alternative sources of revenue to support the Corporation’s yearly license fee, which amounts to approximately $5.2 billion in US currency.

The BBC is understood to have paid over $375,000 to acquire the domain name from an American technology company Boston Business at the height of the dotcom boom. “Given the scale of traffic to our site we have the ability to establish the BBC as a global brand for our content,” David Moody, director of strategy at BBC Worldwide told ‘The Guardian’.

BBC’s money-making arm is also believed to be working on a commercial version of the Integrated Media Player (iMP) that allows users to go online to download BBC programs up to seven days after they were first broadcast.

The commercial version of iMP will give viewers the chance to catch up on missed episodes of popular shows such as ‘Doctor Who’, ‘The Office’ (UK version) and ‘Little Britain’.


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