Atom Entertainment Ushers in Addicting Clips


Atom Entertainment announced today the relaunch of its video clip site, Addicting Clips. The site will now host a variety of advanced user-generated content features, including the ability to upload video created on mobile phones, and several new sharing capabilities. The new features are being powered by technology provider Reality Digital.

Addicting Clips, established only three months ago, has already gained millions of users that consistently return for the site’s community of shared video, animation, and flash game content. Now upon entering the site, users will have the ability to create a “My AC” homepage for their favorite content, create a “Friends” list, upload, categorize, and tag their own content, and compete for a chance to win a “Cash for Clips” cash incentive. Atom Entertainment is particularly excited about being the first site to offer mobile phone video upload, because that will allow users to bypass the upload process on their own computer and email videos directly to the site from their phone.

Consumers want the power to personalize and share their entertainment,” said Mika Salmi, CEO of Atom Entertainment, in a press statement. “AddictingClips offers more types of content and more ways to share it than any other site in the industry.”

While the company admits it is only now catching up to sites like YouTube in the extent it is offering user-generating features, it hopes to take advantage of its existing strong relationships with several advertisers in this push. To encourage these advertisers, Addicting Clips has plans to avoid serving ads to pages which include user-generated content that is risqué or infringing on copyright violation.


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