AOL Ventures In2TV


Where do old TV shows go when they die? Now, it’s to the online space apparently. Today AOL and Warner Bros. have finally launched In2TV, an ad-supported, broadband on-demand video network that was first announced nearly six months ago. In2TV debuts with a library of Warner Bros. programming spanning 40 years of television history, a library AOL claims is the largest on the web. In addition to old shows like Welcome Back, Kotter, Growing Pains, Kung Fu, F Troop, and Lois & Clark, AOL is also providing interactive features that include viral video, games, polls, and photo galleries.

“In2TV begins to realize the true potential of Web-based TV by putting the viewer in charge of their own TV schedule online,” said Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group president Kevin Tsujihara in a statement. “This opens up new opportunities for platforms and program distributors alike and points to the prospect of exciting new paradigms in online and interactive entertainment soon to come.”

AOL has organized In2TV into several channels by genre like comedy, drama, action, and sci-fi. Each full TV episode of streaming video is free to watch, and will contain approximately 1-2 minutes of advertising. Four advertisers are already attached to the launch: Intel, Kia, Kraft, and Hershey.


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