AOL and Dove Give “Chief Everything Officers” a Calm Night’s Rest


Being a mother or father, a wife or husband and a career person are juggling acts that more and more people are taking on whole-heartedly nowadays. This “second shift,” as some call it, strays miles away from the days when becoming just a housewife was every girl’s life goal and being a career man (sans the fatherly duties) was the only thing on a boy’s agenda . Now, these high flying juggling acts are being appropriately called CEOs, only not how you figure it. From AOL and Dove’s perspective, CEO translates appropriately to “Chief Everything Officer”.

With this week’s launch of AOL’s latest campaign promoting Dove’s Calming Night product line featuring the face of Desperate Housewives/Transamerica star Felicity Huffman, being this brand of superhuman never paid off so well. The two companies have reunited—having thrown the first exclusive CEO appreciation luncheon last year where they awarded Maria Shriver with the honor—only this time ala the Internet to really show these women that their efforts have by no means gone unnoticed.

Tina Sharkey, Senior Vice President, AOL Network Programming & Community explains to ADOTAS, “We first discovered this new type of family manager or ‘CEO’ last year after conducting a survey with Roper Public Affairs and discovered nearly 28 million families were able to successfully balance their households in a smooth and effective manner. One way we found these ‘CEOs’ or Chief Everything Officers were able to stay organized was by tapping into the Internet to free up precious time to be with their families.”

Having rolled out a Unicast/AOL page takeover featuring Dove’s nighttime theme, an expandable 300×100 to 300×250 ad on its homepage, as well as standard banners across the AOL network and a microsite, the online giant honed in on its female audience to spread the word of CEO sister and brotherhood. “This year, we decided to expand this initiative as part of our Network “Specials” strategy to search for everyday people that have the ability to do it all and honor them in a special way,” says Sharkey. “With a huge percentage of our AOL audience being women, we felt creating this promotion with Dove would resonate with them. The site also will offer tips from experts and an opportunity for the online community to offer their own personal thoughts on how they’ve become a ‘CEO’ in their households.”

But aside from just expert tips, they’ve brought along Dove’s Calming Night product line spokesperson and fellow CEO Huffman to travel back in time and remind us what her TV mom predecessors’ lives were like while they were front and center. Consumers who visit the microsite can view the actress in 3 webisodes directed by Penny Marshall which insert Huffman right into classic episodes of The Brady Bunch, The Munster and Leave it to Beaver, with even the option to send to friends via a standard viral component. The site also offers AOL’s list of notable TV CEOs including the likes of Geena Davis as Commander-in-chief Mackenzie Allen, Bernie Mac, Marge Simpson and Patricia Heaton as Debra Barone on ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’.

Still, just because you haven’t made a splash in Hollywood doesn’t mean you’re not CEO-worthy. Consumers can enter for a chance to win one of five spots at this year’s luncheon and other prizes. As Sharkey explains it, “The five honored individuals will receive prizes including a trip to New York City for the luncheon, a $1,000 shopping spree and their choice of one ‘Life Balance’ prize valued at $10,000. ‘Life Balance’ prize choices include a spa package, cleaning services, a personal chef, babysitting services or a ‘familymoon’ vacation.” Submissions to become one of five individuals honored online and at a luncheon will be accepted through March 27th.

To be a part of the Chief Everything Officer revolution, you can access the microsite through this co-branded team effort on both and


  1. Today’s feature on AOL about uses for plastic bags had somem good ideas, but I was appalled by the phrase, “… instead of throwing them out.” I DON’T thrown them out, I recycle them! Doesn’t everyone?


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