AdMission Enters the Marketplace


AdMission Corporation, a provider of online classified advertising solutions, today announced the availability of AdMission Marketplace. The new complete solution arms publishers with the key features that are de rigueur in online classifieds/auction sites such as self-service ad creation, photos and rich media, buyer/seller ratings, negotiated sales and integrated payment options. Value-added features in Marketplace include personalized storefronts, integrated search, advanced fraud protection and reverse publishing to print. Publishers large and small can utilize AdMission Marketplace to build a rich local buying and selling community that offers stiff competition to online classifieds sites.

“Our goal for Marketplace was to provide publishers with a means to retain their dominance in local advertising while leveraging the classified migration online,” said AdMission president & CEO Sarah Pate in a press statement. “AdMission Marketplace provides an easy ‘on-ramp’ to generating revenue from print and online packages for everything from real estate to RVs. It’s an engaging and efficient shopping experience for consumers, while providing a platform that generated a strong ROI for advertisers.”

AdMission Marketplace can be implemented as a standalone online classifieds site or integrated with a publisher’s existing systems. Call center, print output and third-party data feeds are fully supported utilizing AdMission’s Web services. AdMission Marketplace leverages the patented AdMission media platform, which streamlines the process of building media-rich ads, and has been employed in over 2.5 billion unique transactions. Buyer and seller ratings, full PayPal(R) integration and fraud protection promote safe selling and contribute to the sense of a local Marketplace community.



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