Accipiter Offers DART Alternative


As we reported previously, DoubleClick will be acquiring Falk eSolutions by the end of the month. In response, Accipiter Solutions is offering several incentives for current Falk customers who don’t want to switch over to DoubleClick’s DART ad platform. Some of the incentives include free ad server setup, free migration, and a period of free ad serving services.

According to Accipiter, 30% of their new Accipiter AdManager customers in 2005 migrated from a competing platform that they were unsatisfied with. AdManager’s list of features includes campaign optimization, inventory forecasting, support for rich media ads, and support for podcast, mobile, and in-game ads.

“A large percentage of our customer base is made up of publishers, networks, and marketers who have already migrated to our ad management platform from a competitive solution,” said Accipiter CEO Brian Handly in a statement, “Migrating to DART may not be the best option for every Falk customer, so we would like to propose an alternative solution.”

For those wishing to make the switch, Accipiter also offers automated migration tools to make the transition as painless as possible.


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