A Perfectly Pink Campaign for Perfectly Sweet Girls


In the evolving world of children’s toys, MGA Entertainment has launched a perfectly pink interactive world to support its line of Soda Pop Girl dolls. Enlighten, who also created the site for MGA’s Rescue Pets, is the agency behind this online candy land, which markets the dolls as the sweet as cotton candy sensations that they are. With names like Belinda Banana Ana and Gaby Grapelina, how can these yummy smelling dolls that come with their own pets, each in a collectible bottle and stand, go wrong?

This brightly colored world of Flash graphics definitely speaks to girls ages 4 and up that clamor for the Soda Pop Girls collection. It reminds me of my childhood cravings for watermelon Bubblelicious gum, which is exactly what MGA is going for to appeal to its young, girly consumers.

The site provides bios for each of the four dolls, where to buy links, and a quiz that tells the user which doll they are most like with a printable certificate. The website is also the home for the “Secret Message” game where consumers can enter a unique message that is included with their dolls. Once users enter the message into the Search Message engine on the website, the feature reveals a special Yummi Surprise, which is customized for the specific doll and available only online.

Tom Beck, Vice President, Corporate Development at Enlighten ensures ADOTAS that new features will be added to the site including: “downloads such as branded instant messenger icons, wallpapers, and paper doll cut-outs. We’ll also be creating eCards and an interactive game called The Bottle Cap Hunt.” These eCards are the only part of the Soda Pop Girl campaign that encompasses a true viral component.

Because the site just launched last week, Enlighten is betting the site’s future success based on the prior success of the Rescue Pets interactive marketing program. Beck explains, “There was an interim landing page prior to the full site launch and this received significant activity. At his point, the Secret Message game and the Soda Pop Girl pages are the most popular destinations.”

And for those who can’t wait to see what that Yummi Surprise is that comes out of the Secret Message engine, Beck comments, “If I told you, it wouldn’t be a Yummi Surprise, now would it?”


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