Yahoo Tweaks Firefox-Based Toolbar


Yahoo! has added new features to its toolbar for the latest version of Mozilla’s Firefox web browser. Yahoo! Toolbar Product Manager, Jon Granrose, wrote in Yahoo’s search blog, “The Yahoo! Firefox Toolbar 1.0 worked well with Firefox 1.5, and since that release launched, we’ve been working hard to fix a few things and add some Yahoo! features to the menu. You’ll see them when you click your right mouse button.”

Since Firefox 1.5’s release last November, many users have switched to browsing with Firefox. Yahoo’s new Toolbar 1.1 will allow Firefox users to search for information, save information using My Web or Yahoo! Bookmarks, and share information via email, Messenger, and 360°.

According to Yahoo’s search blog, the company has also released upgrades to My Web 2.0 beta, which allows users to save and share information in one place online. Users will now have easier access their saved searches from the My Web homepage, which “provides immediate access to your 3 most recently saved pages.” Book marking capabilities have also been enhanced, and users will find better help pages to guide them through using My Web.


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