Whitepages.com Introduces Geo-Targeting


Today, Whitepages.com has activated service for its new advertising solution, Geo —Destination Targeting. Advertisers on the most trafficked directory site on the Internet can now target users with a contextual ad relevant to their geographical location and potential future destinations.

The new technology will take into account where in the U.S. or Canada the user appears to be, as well as any location entered into the site’s search engine. If someone on Whitepages.com is looking into airfare between Miami and New York, or researching hotels in one city and home furnishings in another, Geo-Destination Targeting will likely discover which city is their home and which is a vacation destination. They will be shown ads for products and services which accord with this information.

Whitepages.com claims that the technology will offer advertisers similar targeted exposure to what they would get out of a local search, but while reaching consumers at a much higher volume. The site boasts 20 million unique visitors and 240 million searches monthly.

Avenue A | Razorfish was the first agency to take advantage of the new feature. “We are always looking for opportunities that enable our clients to reach their target audience in a relevant and meaningful way,” said Kristie Frankland, account director of Avenue A | Razorfish, in a statement. “Targeting based on location is an effective solution and for businesses in many categories WhitePages.com’s new product is a strong opportunity for advertisers seeking out audiences by geography.”


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