SuperBowl Ad Wrap-Up: Ad Awards for Best Online/Offline Integration


This analysis is exclusive to ADOTAS, courtesy of Blueliner, an interactive/SEO agency based in New York.

While advertisers spent a record $2.5 million for 30-second spots during Super Bowl XL to reach over 130 million viewers, many dropped the ball when it came to post-game integration with their web search strategies. In an era where more people than ever will watch the commercials online, some advertisers and their agencies, who tout online-offline media integration as the Holy Grail of marketing, used paid and organic search marketing effectively to capture Googlers anxious to review and vote for their favorite commercials.

Blueliner Marketing, a New York City interactive marketing firm, will address these questions in its Super Bowl Ad ROI Marketing Report, which will be released in several months, after advertisers have had a chance to assess their Super Bowl-related marketing efforts. Some of the initial statistics give early indications of which campaigns were successful. That is the basis of the Blueliner Super Bowl Ad Awards, which signifies which companies used their budgets wisely through strategies such as celebrity endorsements, calls to action, website URL placement, Search Engine Marketing and special effects. [Click here for the full ad analysis.] ABC sold just over 60 prime time spots this year, totaling roughly $145 million in revenues. And while more people tuned in to watch the commercials than the game, how will that translate to the bottom line after the lights went out in Detroit?

It’s fun when everyone gets caught up in polls of which ads were the funniest and most creative, which certainly is of value; but our interest is in analyzing who spent their marketing dollars most wisely. In other words, who got the best ROI from their Super Bowl commercials. Naturally, this question cannot be answered fully right now, because the results come after the Super Bowl and even then, all of that data is not 100% transparent. Through the Blueliner Marketing Blog, we will track how the websites of the dotcom advertisers and traditional companies fair in the coming weeks, post-Super Bowl. Here are some predictions and opinions.

Search Marketing Awards
We looked at which advertisers not only promoted a specific destination website URL during their spots, but more importantly which backed that up with paid and organic search muscle. In laymen’s terms, who showed up in sponsored and natural results in Google searches after the game? Here are the winners —

2. Dove
4. Sprint/Nextel
5. Cadillac Escalade
6. Diet Pepsi
7. Aleve
8. Blockbuster

Some that did not fair so well (try putting the name of the company or product in Google like this to see for yourself — “sierra mist super bowl commercial”)
1. Sierra Mist
2. Pizza Hut
3. Acura
4. Budweiser
5. Ford
6. Gillette
7. Motorola
8. Beer Institute
9. PS Cleaning Products
10. Outback
11. Fidelity
12. Taco Bell


  1. Out of curiosity, spawned by this article I went to and typed in “ super bowl commercial.” The results returned did indicate some very smart search marketing—smart competitive search marketing that is. While ranked high amongst organic results, the top right-hand sponsored listing that caught my eye was the listing “Don’t Monkey Around” placed by CareerBuilder’s strongest competitor’s Now that’s a novel idea. Don’t pay the millions for the TV super bowl ad spot, but leverage off of your competitors anticipated search trends for added exposure.
    A word of advice for anyone interested in using competitive advertising: refrain from using trademarked terms. They are prohibited from use on many Pay Per Click engines and observably, legal problems could arise with the competing company who owns the trademarked term.


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