Tachyon Media Tries “Tagvertising”


Modeled like a pixel ad page, but without the pixels, Romanian tech company Tachyon Media has launched TheTagPage.com, a website that assigns tags to sponsoring websites. Tagging, also called a “folksonomy,” is a collaborative way of categorizing information that has been growing in popularity over the last year or so. Like the milliondollarpixel homepage, TheTagPage.com has no content other than ads. Tags are displayed as a cloud or weighted list, with more relevant tags displayed as larger, more noticeable entries. TheTagPage allows advertisers to purchase an “exclusive” tag that links directly to their web site, or a “shared” tag that lists them under the same heading as other web sites.

Tags are weighed by both the amount of money spent on them by an advertiser as well as popularity. Exclusive tags start at $200, and shared tags start ad $40. “We’re expanding on Alex Tew’s The Million Dollar Homepage idea in that we’re selling tags (in the form of text links) as advertising. Depicted tags are more or less emphasized based on the amount an advertiser pays. We’re also giving away free tags if an individual or company helps spread the word about the website,” said Tachyon president Andrei Alecu in a statement. Shared tags are also available for free if the participating web site (like this one) contains an article or blog post about the TheTagPage.


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