What they do: Verizon’s complements the company’s printed Yellow Pages by offering users one online destination to find contact information for businesses and services. As the company explains it, “ is the #1 business search directory with an extensive distribution network and targeting advertising solutions to help you reach our qualified buyers.” The site also provides online Yellow Pages search functionality to Dogpile, MSN, Lycos, InfoSpace, Hotbite, Excite, and

Who should buy: After finding a business on Superpages, 75% of users contacted the advertiser, 45% of those users made a purchase, 70% of purchases were $50 or more, and 51% of the purchases were from first time buyers of the business/service. The average household income for users is $79,700 with 23% of users having an income of $100,000 or more. Superpages users are also long-time internet users with 36% of them more likely to be frequenting the Internet for 10 years more than the average Internet user.

Format/how much:
Superpages offers a variety of advertising options. Marketers who choose the Pay Per Click option, which run for $15 a month and 20 cents per click, can set their own price and target customers. Companies can also bid for categories that represent them in the locations they serve. Superpages offers free or enhanced business listings including company name, phone number, address, map of the location, and an option for the user to save the listing. Superpages can additionally enhance the listing’s color, font, size, and/or highlight the listing for $16 and an extra $22 a month, respectively.

Businesses, which can also run a free or enhanced business profile ($22 per month), can include contact information, business name and phone numbers, hours of operation, number of years in business, payment options, link to website, email address, map directions, and display of products, services, and brands to attract customers to the business. For an extra cost, businesses receive promotional text of up to 150 characters and their company logo or graphics in the listing.

Businesses can also build and host their own websites with Superpages’ Basic services ($9.95 per month) that begin with 150 MB of disk space and 4 GB data transfer, 5 email addresses, 24/7 customer support, and EasySiteWizard site building tool. Premium ($14.95 per month) and Professional ($24.95 per month) hosting packages are also available. Basic ($34.95 per month), Premium ($59.95 per month), and Professional ($99.95 per month) eCommerce listings are also available with a Basic eCommerce package that includes web hosting with 1 GB of disk space and 40 GB data transfer, 40 email addresses, 27/4 customer support, and a shopping cart wizard.

Superpages can also expand a company’s ad campaign with print ads in Verizon’s Super Pages directories. Opportunities are also available to advertise on the site outside of a company’s local business location to better target potential customers, and businesses can even market by state or nationally. Advertisers can also purchase preferred placements or sponsorship links that appear in the right hand column of search results with a guaranteed presence on the first page of every search done in the business’ selected categories. Online coupons, banner ads, and advertising opportunities on en Espaňol are also available.

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