SimpleFeed Offers Secure RSS and Web Import


RSS marketing company SimpleFeed unveiled their new secure feed and web import RSS technologies at the DEMO conference in Phoenix this week. Their new protected RSS feeds correspond to a unique URL, and can be customized to require a unique user name and password to access. Requiring end-users of the SimpleFeed service to register and receive a secure feed will enable SimpleFeed clients such as banks to offer their customers sensitive information via RSS instead of email. It also paves the way for targeted ad integration and paid subscriptions.

SimpleFeed’s secure RSS is currently being used by “companies who want to publish internal information just to their employees, or companies that want to sent out semi-confidential information like research reports,” according to SimpleFeed CEO Mark Carlson. Not all RSS readers support password-protected feeds, but the technology will be available in Microsoft’s upcoming Internet Explorer 7.

Additionally, SimpleFeed’s Web Import is an automated way for companies to generate an RSS feed from an existing webpage. Companies can import any URL into a template, allowing them to generate feeds from any online content, including press releases, support info, etc. The SimpleFeed web import also supports blogs and podcasting.


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