SAXOTECH Introduces Online Ad Solution for Print Media Sites


SAXOTECH, an online publishing software company for the print media industry, has just introduced their new online advertising platform. SAXOTECH Advertising is geared towards newspaper, magazine, and news websites, and contains support for online ad functions like online classifieds, credit checking, and billing. The classified system supports both call-center integration, so customers can place ads by phone (similar to print classifieds), and self-service classifieds.

SAXOTECH Advertising also supports banner advertising, and lets users target their banner ads across several websites, and very rates depending on a web page’s popularity. The software also supports campaign management and allows users to manage multiple ads under a single heading.

“Using SAXOTECH Advertising, media companies now have all the tools and SAXOTECH’s implementation expertise to achieve the online revenue and profitability goals demanded by today’s shareholders. … The next major step is to complement this turnkey online advertising solution with full support for print advertising,” said SAXOTECH VP of product management Peter Ibsen in a statement.

With partners like Adobe, web analytics company Omniture, Oracle, and Quark, SAXOTECH’s other products include solutions for managing and editing content, and cross-publishing both in print and online.


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