Rojo Feeds Blog Ad Network


Rojo Networks, a San Francisco based company that offers a free RSS reader and other content based services, has launched a beta version of FeedShare, an ad-supported feed network designed to increase sites’ feed subscriptions and provide advertisers a route for developing their own base of subscribers. According to the blog, “For every page view you give the blogger network, you get one back.” Rojo’s website also explains, “As a blogger participant you give exposure on your site to other blogs in the network, and in return your blog will be promoted on similar sites in the network.”

One blog promotes other blogs by displaying feed listings that display the name and description of the blogs and other feed publishers. The site explains, “When visitors click on these listings they can then subscribe to the RSS or Atom feed for that blogger or publisher in any one of several feed readers.” Users create a listing on their own blog and for every impression the blog donates to the network, the blog will receive a listing on another blog or in Rojo’s goal is to help blogs build their feed subscriber bases and therefore increase awareness and site traffic.

Rojo has also recently redesigned its website and created a new “Today” page where users can see which stories other Rojo users are reading.


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