Rocketboom Uses eBay to Auction Off Personalized Ad Space


Rocketboom, the video Web log site whichlaunched in 2004, recently announced an innovative plan to sell video ad space on its popular site. Hoping to avoid the sluggish decision-making process of traditional ad sellers, Rocketboom is holding an auction on eBay for the sale of five video ads for each daily video log entry on its site from March 6 through March 10. As if this move wasn’t unusual enough, the auction’s winning bidders will have their 15- to 30-second spots conceived and produced by the Rocketboom site itself.

Although this offer will inevitably provoke major brands fearing a loss over the creative control of their image, media buyers are speculating that the potential is tremendous for smaller niche marketing that could take advantage of site’s trend-savvy following. Rocketboom hasn’t discussed any specifics on their ad production strategy, but they plan to work in the minimalist aesthetic of their show and possibly incorporate Amanda Congdon, their recognizable host.

“An anal-retentive media buyer will get focused on the difficulty of verifying the viewership numbers, how many of the downloads are actually watched—and miss the novelty value and cult status of the show,” said Henry Copeland, whose BlogAds firm made a bid on the eBay auction but dropped out after it passed $12,000.

Bidding began at $500 and had reached $14,999.99 by Sunday. Rocketboom is expecting the ads to sell for around $40,000.


  1. MarketingVox writes today:
    The winner of video blog (vlog) Rocketboom’s eBay ad auction was TRM, an ATM and photocopy services company, which bid $40,000, according to BusinessWeek’s Blogspotting (via AdJab). Of course, the vlog itself also played a winning hand. Reportedly, Rocketboom cofounder Andrew Baron is attempting to arrange ad deals with others who bid for ad space.


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