Report: Behavioral Targeting Saw Growth, Change in ’05


The results of 24/7 Real Media’s year-end Behavioral Targeting Report show that behavioral targeting became one of the year’s most effective methods of online advertising. While the report tracked the expected growth of 24/7 OnTarget impressions, up 200 percent, and clickthroughs, up 166 percent, and confirmed the effectiveness of re-targeting strategies, it found surprising relationships between the receptivity of certain population segments and ad and site content.

Re-targeting campaigns like the one launched by Fulgent Media on behalf of, generated 25% of sales and 50% of revenue from just 7% of overall ads served. While retargeting is a very effective tool, its success depends mainly on access to a large, diverse ad network like the 24/7 Web Alliance.

According to the report, campaigns targeting women achieved the highest percentage of impressions served, at over 20 percent. The African-American segment also achieved tremendous growth, proving itself an increasingly valuable and target-worthy demographic. The most surprising recurring trend that took place over several demographic segments was that audiences are more receptive to behaviorally targeted ads when the ads do not contain content similar to the target site.

24/7 Real Media is confident about the progress Behavioral Targeting has made in the past year and the diverse possibilities in store for 2006. “As we move into year two, we anticipate that advertisers and publishers will reap even greater rewards as audience segments are further refined, and they become more proficient at being able to focus their behaviorally targeted ads on content areas where high responses can be achieved,” said David J. Moore, Chairman and CEO of 24/7 Real Media.


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