Pointroll Enhances Video Capabilities


PointRoll has further enhanced its technical capabilities to meet the growing demand for online video ads.

A 45% increase in allowable bit rates ensures the highest quality video at all user bandwidths, allowing advertisers to incorporate the richest video elements while optimizing the viewing experience for users. PointRoll has also enhanced video with Flash 8 capability, more granular reporting, improved encoding and compression as well as dynamic buffering for faster playback start times. The company’s data shows that a full 42 percent of consumers who engage with video ads watch them through to completion.

In a press statement, Pointroll CEO Chris Saridakis says, “Demand for video ads is increasing exponentially because more eyes are moving online for content. Rich media is highly effective at capturing and holding people’s attention,” said Christopher Saridakis, CEO of PointRoll. “While it’s clear that video can boost performance, it is important that advertisers continue to push beyond TV-like spots to take full advantage of the interactivity of the Internet, particularly as video inventory increases and the novelty diminishes.”

Video enhancements announced today include:

· 45% increase in bit rates, a significant increase over industry standards, which allows advertisers to reach users with lush visuals that help their messages stand out on the Web. It gives ad developers the creative freedom to use rich graphics and advanced design formats without compromising the average consumer’s ability to view ads.

· Flash 8 quality ensures that each Web user sees the best possible version of each ad. Upgrades include dynamic buffering based on individual user connection speeds and gold-standard encoding and compression to reduce file size for more manageable viewing and delivery.

· Granular reporting, which provides robust insight into video ad interaction. Now, advertisers will be able to review video completion rates quickly and in greater detail, and refine strategies accordingly. For example, an entertainment company could pinpoint the moment when consumers stop watching a movie trailer and adjust their approach.

Today’s news comes just one week after PointRoll announced its partnership with On2 Technologies, a leading digital video encoding and compression technology provider. The upgrades will be relevant to PointRoll’s full range of video offerings, including expandable, full-screen, interactive, progressive and streaming video formats.


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