MIVA Opens Agency Center


Performance marketing network MIVA is providing a more expansive environment for its agency clients with its new Agency Center 1.0. Designed specifically for advertising agencies, Agency Center 1.0 streamlines agency advertising initiatives by enabling access and management of multiple accounts from a central location. “Now that we’ve spent more time with our agencies, and asked them what kind of enhancements they’d like to see, the main [request] was an agency center,” MIVA CMO Seb Bishop (above) tells ADOTAS. “They can manage multiple accounts, multiple keywords, managing everything from there so they don’t have to go into different accounts. It’s very easy for them.”

Along with the new Agency Center, MIVA is also broadening user access to its API enabling enterprises to fully automate ad campaign management programs from account set-up to reporting. “The agency API,” Bishop adds, “is an XML feed which we pass onto our agencies, which allows them to gain visibility in our system. It allows them to design campaigns in a live environment.”

Users can leverage the information accessed through the API to design their own customized interface to meet specific viewing needs and completely automate the management of their MIVA Pay-Per-Click campaigns. And, unlike competitors’ offers, MIVA’s API access is free-of-charge.


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