Microsoft Rebrands Content


Microsoft is rebranding MSN’s site content to make the site easier to users to get information from the web portal. John Nicol, who was recently put in charge of the changes at MSN, told the The Washington Post/AP, “changes will allow MSN, Microsoft’s Internet portal, to focus more on providing content such as entertainment and home video.” MSN will also offer more opportunities for users send their own content to the site for inclusion in the new content line up. This content could include posting videos online or rating hotels on MSN’s travel site.

A large focus of the revamped content will be providing more original video content online as opposed to just rebroadcasting content from television. MSN is in the process of working with news organizations to produce this content. For example, Microsoft will work with the Associated Press to launch an online video news network supported by Microsoft’s advertising support and technology.

Some analysts are skeptical about whether Microsoft will really give the MSN content the attention it needs because Microsoft seems to be putting more effort into its rebranding of its free email, web search products, and instant messenger under the name “Live.”


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