Klipmart Readies Online Audience for The Sopranos


They’re back. To commemorate and build anticipation for the March 12th debut of the sixth season of HBO’s The Sopranos, streaming video provider Klipmart, in conjunction with New York agency Deep Focus, is unveiling a new online ad campaign. The ad units include teaser clips from the new shows, video from the previous season, and character photos. “There is nothing on TV quite like The Sopranos and we are honored to be picked to help create online buzz around the new season,” said Klipmart CEO Chris Young in a statement. “We have worked on lots of other online video projects for HBO since 2002, but there is something special about this show and this creative unit.”

The new Klipmart ads are currently running on AOL, Yahoo, CBS Sportsline, Gamespot, MP3.com, TV.com, Defamer, Gawker, Salon, Sports Illustrated, WWE, and Playboy.com. Klipmart created a special banner ad for Playboy they’re calling the “Bada Bing” unit that features video and expands as you roll over it. Klipmart also said the unit contains a button that lets users launch a full screen version.

Klipmart has also worked with companies like GM, Warner Brothers, 20th Century Fox, and IBM. The Sopranos campaign will run alongside the interactive Sopranos Google map created by entertainment marketing company Deep Focus.


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