iSee Radio Extends Relationships, Offers More Interactive Ad Opportunity


iSeeRadio, which enables radio stations to broadcast live interactive video and audio through its customizable media player to audiences anywhere, announced new sponsorship deals at this week’s Radio Advertising Bureau conference in Dallas. The company has now expanded its relationships with Clear Channel and Budweiser, with the latter sponsoring Clear Channel programming including The Buzz and The Rod Ryan Show out of Houston. Not only do these morning programs reach a national audience, the iSeeRadio outlet opens many new possibilities to their advertisers.

iSeeRadio’s built-in media player allows the incorporation of sponsorship banners, interactive ads in Flash, static or video formats, ads targeted by demographics or geography, and e-commerce and other elements. While viewers are offered visual access to their favorite DJs’ radio booth, ads remain on the screen and provide audiences with a constant connection to the show’s sponsors rather than a 30 or 60 second on-air spot.

Greg Demetriades, CEO of Continental Vista, iSeeRadio’s parent company, sees its innovations as a progressive step away from traditional radio advertising. “Radio stations are always looking for ways to generate new revenue streams and cultivate better relationships between audiences and advertisers,” Demetriades says. “iSeeRadio is the definitive way to achieve all of these goals.”


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