iCrossing Launches Mobile Advertising Unit


iCrossing, an interactive agency with a strong suit in search technologies, has recently launched a unit devoted exclusively to mobile advertisement and search. mCrossing now provides clients with tools to create a relevant brand presence in the mobile arena, connect to their customers using mobile SEO, and provide advanced analysis and optimization of data.

On their website, iCrossing claims that today “more people own mobile devices than computers,” and reaching out to these multitudes and the widely differing technologies they use is the agency’s main focus. SMS is one strategy that mCrossing hopes will enable advertisers to reach even those consumers with low-tech devices.

The formation of mCrossing is one response to the growing importance of mobile branding as mobile services and technology have reached a new level of maturity. According to the research firm NDP Group, ninety-five percent of cell phones sold in July, August, and September of 2005 were Web-enabled to some extent. Mobile search interfaces like Google and Yahoo! have rapidly developed over the past year. “Mobile search is an area that, depending on who you read, is ramping up for imminent takeoff in the next… year-and-a-half,” said Noah Elkin, iCrossing’s director of industry relations, in a recent statement. “We want to make sure we’re there in advance of that.”



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