Google Opens BigDaddy Data Centers


Google has begun to rollout Bigdaddy, which is a new data infrastructure for their search browser that will later be part of all of Google’s data centers. Matt Cutts, Google senior Engineer, wrote in his blog, “I’d expect a new data center to be converted to Bigdaddy roughly every 10 days or so.”

The search engine continues to convert data centers to Bigdaddy, which will fix hijacking of URL redirects and will help the search engine be more efficient when determining the preferred domain name of a site. Bigdaddy targets potential hijackers who are sometimes able to intercept requests to be directed to specific sites and direct the traffic to their own sites. Because websites usually have multiple domain names but only one actual name, Bigdaddy will also make Google’s search capabilities more accurate and exclude multiple listings to the same site.

As Cutts explains, users will slowly see the results of the switch over to Bigdaddy. “It will happen naturally as more data centers switch over to the Bigdaddy infrastructure,” he says. “The more data centers there are using Bigdaddy, the odds of you hitting a Bigdaddy data center in the normal rotation go up.”


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