Google Enhances Analytics with Measure Map


It’s been revealed that Google has purchased blog stats tracking tool Measure Map for use with their Google Analytics service. Measure Map was developed privately by design consulting firm Adaptive Path, and tracks information that’s particularly of use to bloggers like number of comments, posts, and others in addition to standard analytics fare like geographical location and browser stats. Since 2005, Measure Map has been available for free by invitation only.

Google hopes to use Measure Map to help bloggers using Google Analytics to get a better sense of their audience. According to Measure Map team leader (and new Google employee) Jeffrey Veen on the Google blog, “Today, as the Measure Map team joins Google, our mission remains the same: to build the best possible user experience so people can understand and appreciate the effect their blogs – their words and ideas – can have.”

Google surprised people with Google Analytics, formerly known as Urchin, last year when they offered it for free. The response was so great that it overloaded their system. Google has since closed off Analytics and it’s now available by invite only. Google sent out a new batch of invites last month.


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