Google AdWords Testing Click-To-Call


You may or may not have noticed the little green telephone icon that has been showing up in Google AdWords ads. Yesterday, Seth Godin did.

Google is apparently trying out a new AdWords Click-To-Call feature. (So far, Click-To-Call ads have only been observed on ads for hotels.) If you click on the telephone icon, a box opens up and asks you to type in your phone number. Type in your number, including area code, and the ad calls you. At least in theory. None of the ads we tested were able to connect; probably one of the reasons the new feature hasn’t been officially announced yet.

However, in spite of the lack of an official announcement, there is already an FAQ for Click-To-Call on Google’s help page. Google acknowledges that Click-To-Call is still in the testing phase. Google also says they pay for all calls (except possible airtime charges for mobile numbers) and that your telephone number is confidential and is even hidden from the advertiser. “When you’re connected with the advertiser, your number is blocked. The advertiser can’t see your phone number.”


  1. Click to Call and Pay Per Call will be a broadly utilized method to monetize paid search and other Pay Per Action Networks. It is suprising that some of Googles ads are not actually connecting calls but are still visible in search results, perhaps working out some bugs?

    My company thinkingVOICE has been providing this service for several years now. We have acquired a fairly large advertiser base so we know that there is an appetite for Pay Per Call and Click to Call by both advertisers and merchants.


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