FTC Considers Calling Out Adware Supporters


At a conference on Thursday held by CDT and and the Anti-Spyware Coalition, FTC Commissioner Jonathan Leibowtz dropped a bomb on adware supporters by stating that perhaps it’s time to out the big brands that use adware to market their products, in essence, targeting the demand for it.

“A little shaming here might go a long way” were Leibowitz’s exact words to about 300+ attendees, which included government representatives, software removal vendors and anti-spyware/adware advocates.

Surprisingly, WhenU CEO Bill Day, who was one of the only pro-adware speakers invited to the event, said in an earlier statement that Leibowitz’s threat could go a long way to clean up adware’s name. “It is not a wholesale solution, but an important part of what is required.” Day himself tells ADOTAS that he’s taking steps as well to improve WhenU’s standing in an increasinly hostile anti-adware environment.

While Leibowitz didn’t actually call out any companies at the conference, he said that the FTC might do so in the future, if adware companies continue install ad-serving programs on consumer computers without first obtaining consent.


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