DoubleClick Shoots for Search Marketing Power With DART


DoubleClick today announced the North American launch of DART Search, the company’s new search engine marketing technology solution, which provides agencies and advertisers with robust keyword management, bid management and reporting. Built on DART, DoubleClick’s trademark ad management platform, DART Search enables agencies and advertisers to manage the execution of their paid search campaigns and creates efficiencies by allowing clients to track display, rich media and search advertising in one centralized location.

“DART Search saves time, reduces complexity and enables customers to make better decisions and increase their ROI on search marketing campaigns,” said David Rosenblatt, CEO, DoubleClick, in a press statement. “In addition, its integration with DART for Advertisers, including consolidated reporting capabilities, gives clients a comprehensive view of their total digital advertising investment.”

Among the features included in the new DART Search are:
• A self-service technology with a centralized, automated workflow that simultaneously manages keywords and bids across multiple search engines
• Efficient and flexible keyword management that enables fast bulk uploading to search engines and provides customers with numerous ways to manage and track keyword performance.
• A sophisticated bid engine that reduces guesswork, saves time and money and can generate more revenue by automatically adjusting keyword bids to meet customers’ specific business goals
• Highly accurate results integrated into DART for Advertisers (DFA) reporting, offering the ability to compare and optimize paid search results with display, rich media and sponsorship ad campaigns in one place

With DART Search, DoubleClick’s aim with DART is to provide an advantageous tool in terms of accuracy, scalability, customer support and search engine relations.


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