Bronto Partners with Akamai to Accelerate Email Marketing


Email marketing software provider Bronto today announced its plans to leverage the online process accelerating services of Akamai Technologies, Inc. Akamai’s global network of over 18,000 servers will enable Bronto’s clients to deliver image- and file-laden content from servers much closer to the end-server, creating faster interactions and ultimately generating higher user response rates.

Bronto’s research has indicated that email is a major peak-driven activity, meaning the bulk of users open mail at the same time each day. In the past, these activity peaks have slowed email marketing efforts and reduced their overall effectiveness. By utilizing Akaimai’s services, Bronto hopes to accelerate consumer interaction during peak hours and alleviate these problems.

“Successful online campaigns are increasingly leveraging a variety of interactive media,” said Robert Hughes, executive vice president of global sales, services and marketing at Akamai. “By leveraging Akamai’s global platform, Bronto offers its customers a solution with vastly improved reliability and scalability to handle any size and type of email marketing campaign.”


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