Bravo Broadband TV Comes Out of the Closet


In the past several years, Bravo has created a dedicated TV audience among the gay and lesbian community with programs like “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy,” “Boy Meets Boy,” and “Gay Weddings.” Now the NBC affiliate is seeking to bring this niche market to the Internet with, the first streaming broadband channel devoted exclusively to gay and lesbian interests. The channel, which originally garnered pop-culture buzz as a weekly block of programming on Bravo’s, will join TRIO and to form a diverse suite of broadband programming for

Bravo is partnering with PlanetOut Inc., publisher of and, who will perform all advertising services for in addition to supplying promotional and editorial support through its network of websites. Mark Elderkin, President of PlanetOut Inc., who announced the launch of today with Bravo President Lauren Zalaznick, is excited about the prospect of uniting two large audiences within the gay and lesbian community: “Bravo’s extensive gay-themed television programming combined with our editorial product and established gay and lesbian audience, creates a unique Internet video advertising opportunity for national advertisers.”

In addition to original programs, hit Bravo shows such as “Boy Meets Boy” and “Gay Weddings” are expected to air on when it launches this March. No official plans have been made in regards to who will be advertising on the channel or how ads will be presented.


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