AOL Teams Sopranos up with Super Bowl


Immediately following Super Bowl XL on February 5th, fans can view streams on AOL of every commercial that aired during the game. Also, before the big game, Internet users can visit the gallery , view and vote for their favorite Super Bowl commercials of all time, including the “Mean Joe Green” ad as well as Apple’s legendary “1984” spot. A winner will be officially announced at 12:00 pm on February 6th.

But not only will visitors get to cast their vote for the best Super Bowl ads past and present, they’ll get an exclusive trailer for the sixth season of The Sopranos, which (finally) begins March 12th.

“What we saw with HBO is the opportunity to promote their content, and get the core messages that the Sopranos is coming and more importantly, watch an exclusive trailer,” AOL Director of Sales Development Jaan Janes tells ADOTAS. “[In broadband], it’s a high-touch audience that’s already engaging in broadband. [So] it’s a unique point in time where we can leverage a piece of content for an ad partner.”

The Sopranos video tie-in, which was created by agency Deep Focus, features Tony Sirico aka Paulie Walnuts appearing in a pre-roll ad and introducing viewers to the Super Bowl ad gallery as well as the Sopranos trailer.

According to Janes, broadband is “a cultural phenomenon” where “marketers have to put their best foot forward.” Streaming the Super Bowl ads online also gives the consumer more control over content, according to Janes. “Most online consumption is not from a live event,” he says, “It’s everything that’s already happened where the user can control the event, get video content at their own pace and their own demand.”

AOL is planning to keep the ads and Sopranos trailer up throughout the week following the Super Bowl.

In related news,, a user-generated video sharing site, will provide links to all Super Bowl TV ads and will allow users to review the ads and post comments within the network. Users will also be able to share ads with users outside the network.


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