AOL Plugs In, Rocks Out with Blender Magazine


Music fans will be given an exciting new way to interact with their favorite artists and songs starting February 14th, when AOL and Blender Magazine kick off their new partnership. Blender will release their upcoming feature, “50 Most Awesomely Dead Rock Stars,” on newsstands and on the AOL Music site simultaneously, offering readers a media-rich opportunity to expand their musical exploration. The Valentine’s Day debut will feature exclusive AOL videos, polls, a “Dead or Not Dead” game, and a Blender/AOL Dead Rock Stars Station.

The hope is to attract new subscribers to the young music magazine while bringing a slew of new content to the AOL’s popular online music destination. Blender editors will now contribute CD reviews, feature stories, and a photo-captioning contest to the site. In return, the partnership will allow Blender to instantly monitor rapidly changing music trends in the online community.

Future plans for the no-cash deal between AOL and Blender include the launch of a co-branded radio station on the AOL Radio Network, which should go live within the next four weeks, as well as a revamp of Blender’s own website.


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