Advertising Networks Self-Analysis


Tribal Fusion

What makes your network the best?
Delivering over 80 million unique US users, Tribal Fusion offers a variety of targeting capabilities that allow advertisers to effectively deliver the right message to their target audience. These capabilities include targeting by content channel and sub-channel, by behavior, by geography and by time of day. Tribal Fusion targeting is tailored based on a partners specific campaign needs, goals and objectives.

We believe that advertisers can expect more from their ad network. From the selectiveness of our publisher sites to our custom campaigns and transparent site list, we work to provide the highest level of service in the industry. Our strong relationships with both our publishers and advertisers, allow us to deliver custom programs such as site-specific opportunities, immersive campaigns, custom channels and run-of-network. We are confident in our site list and make it available to advertisers (on our website), letting them select where their ads will be placed within our network, and screen out any content that does not match their objectives.

(*According to comScore MediaMetrix January 2006)

What other networks do you like/view as a competitor and why?
There are many options for advertisers choosing to run an online network campaign. Each network has a unique value set for an advertiser based on their individual campaign objectives. It t is up to the advertiser to determine which network will best fulfill their program goals. Tribal Fusion’s reach combined with our unique targeting capabilities makes us the network of choice for many publishers and advertisers. We are a perfect fit for those looking for key network characteristics including: site list visibility, deep content targeting, superior campaign management and service and a unique dedication to achieving campaign objectives.

What technology/improvement would you like to see unveiled to make their network more efficient?
As ad networks become a fixture in media plans, advertisers should have complete visibility and understanding of the sites on which they are running. Beginning with planning and throughout a campaign, advertisers are entitled to assurances that they can see their message running on sites that are reaching the audience that they are targeting, with placements that offer rich, relevant content. As prices to run on the portals and premium sites continue to rise, advertisers should realize that not all ad networks are created equal. Many networks offer reach, but few can deliver the full transparency, the deep contextual relevance and the custom placement opportunities that make them a viable alternative to buying premium or portal inventory.


  1. Where did you find some of these networks? Contextweb has had numerous financial problems and paying publishers. I don’t know of any site that uses them. I would call them or BlueLithium a major ad network. The others, I can see as leaders, but not these two. What about other networks? I remember when Adbumb (B.F. ADOTAS) did reports on smaller upcoming networks. Why don’t you expand on those networks? This review is almost a mirror review on the one done over at Mediapost. You really need to think outside the box. You guys used to do this. J.M.O.

  2. Directa Network

    What makes your network the best?

    Directa Network serves 2 billion monthly impressions mainly in Latin American and US Hispanic markets.

    We are unique, because we are the leading performance-based Ad Networks focuesed in spanish & portuguese speaking countries.

    On the publisher side, we are better monetizing Inventories (100% inventory %fill + Highest eCPM).

    On the client side, we are better helping direct response advertiser to acquire a Huge Volume traffic, leads & customers in spanish & portuguese speaking countries. Moreover we help advertisers to target US audience through US IP filters in international publishers.

    What makes your network the best?
    -Service is very customer oriented, it’s very important to outperform on payments, reports, and rates.
    -Rates we pay publisher(s) are high compared to others because we optimize better
    -Optimization is extraordinary to drive real-time performance

    What other network do you like/view as a competitor and why?

    We like Oridian and

    What technology/improvement would you like to see unveiled to make their network more efficient?

    I’d like to see a full interconectivness of networks to build a ad marketplace.
    Through that ad marketplace, each player will generate value added through its skills, ability and market focus.


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