Advertising Networks Self-Analysis

Inplace #2

They’ve been a boon to publishers and cross-network buyers since the online space became aligned with earning revenue. But what exactly makes an ad network so beneficial to its clients? Who are the top ad networks today, and who do they view as the competition?

While we at ADOTAS would normally be privy to answering these questions through our own analysis and hypotheses, we decided it would be best to let the networks speak for themselves. In our first-ever online advertising network survey, senior-level representatives from many of the top-ranked ad networks including the likes of, Valueclick Media/FastClick and Tribal Fusion, gave us the inside scoop on what makes them the best, what could make them better, and who they consider to be their rivals. Keep in mind, this survey is admittedly a forum for ad networks to talk about themselves and each other.

While all of the networks involved, not surprisingly, ran at the chance to tout their own growth, getting real answers about their competitors took a bit more convincing. A few that did offer criticism and praise regarding their competition more often than not pointed to as their largest and most praiseworthy opponent, while interestingly enough they could not offer answers to the same question.

As for what technologies and improvements these ad networks were interested in seeing rolled out, a majority pointed in the direction of further advancements in behavioral targeting optimization in addition to showing a strong interest in tapping into new mediums including wireless, user generated content and blogs.

We at ADOTAS are very interested in hearing our readers’ thoughts and comments on these ad networks’ responses and welcome further responses from those who did not initially show interest in being involved. We would also like to open the forum for suggestions on further surveys going forward and look forward to reading your thoughts.