ADS-click Partners with Japanese, Euro Firms


Contextual advertising player ADS-click, known for its private-label technologies, is breaking in to both the European and Japanese markets this week. The company announced today that it’s signed an exclusive agreement with ValueCommerce Co. Ltd. in Japan, as well as Spanish online ad leader Antevenio to provide its private-label search and contextual solution.

Both agreements are technological partnerships, in which ADS-click will provide both ValueCommerce and Antevenio content match ad services and will fully control the relationship with advertisers and publisher affiliates.

ValueCommerce plans to aggressively increase its existing base of 150,000 affiliate publishers and 1500 advertisers to expand their ad network. “ADS-click was the perfect technology partner for us,” Brian Nelson, President and CEO of ValueCommerce, said in a statement. He adds, “Their suite of leading edge technologies allows us to offer sophisticated cost per click content-matched advertising solutions to the market at a fraction of the cost of developing such solutions in house.”

By integrating a new cost-per-click product into its offering, Antevenio in turn will access a new bouquet of revenue streams.



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