About.com Expands Online Video Ads


About.com announced this weekthat it will expand its video content and therefore offer more advertising and sponsorship opportunities in these areas. About.com provides marketers the opportunity to place product placements and TV spots within video content that relates to their products.

Scott Meyer, President and CEO of About.com, said in a recent statement, “Consumers depend on About.com for practical solutions to everyday problems. About.com has been at the forefront of the growing demand for online video content, which continues to be a focal point. It works not only to enhance the visitor experience, but to deliver advertisers vivid and engaging sponsorship opportunities within a richer online environment.”

Additionally, About is planning future video content expansions in About Health and About Home for the spring, which will be hosted by Dr. Mona Khanna and home builder/interior designer Anne-Marie Barton, respectively.


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