Tremor Shakes Things Up with Video Ad Network


With the acquisition of in-stream video ad technology provider Dynadco, ad network Tremor has announced it will unveil a video advertising network of its own. An official date for the launch hasn’t yet been set, but Tremor CEO Jason Glickman did reveal to Adweek that, “The in-stream network will offer Web publishers the video serving, content and ad sales.”

The Tremor Network currently runs approximately 300 campaigns, where publishers using Dynadco’s Ad-inStream technology can choose to sell their own ads or let Tremor sell on their behalf.

The new video network follows a similar pattern to those of Brightcove, Reuters, AP and Lightningcast by distributing a platform that enables any small to midsize web publisher or content creator to easily put ad-supported Web video on their site.

Glickman explains Tremor’s strategy by saying, “As I talk to different people on the advertising side, what they’re saying is they don’t have a lot of options. We bring option No. 5, the aggregated tail.”


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